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About Us

Adeptal Limited is a fast-growing technical solution provider company in the areas of water and wastewater treatment solutions, oil and diesel filtration technology, Chemicals and cleaning solutions, and legionella detection rapid test solutions.

Our focus is delivering efficient systems and products for various sectors of the economy to solve impending challenges on oil, diesel, water & wastewater, chemicals, and legionella attacks. We are filling gaps in industries in Nigeria where companies spend fortunes on the maintenance of their machines and replacement of engine oils due to contamination.

At Adeptal Limited, we offer alternative and efficient diesel and oil filtration technology to all types of systems where these assets (diesel & oil) are paramount, to drive sustainability, cost savings, systems life span elongation, waste reduction, and environmental protection.

We combine knowledge of world-class technology solutions in partnership with some of the global technology providers in our area of professional services to deliver exceptional values for our clients across the Industrial and housing water space, mining, power generation and maritime. In addition, diesel and oil filtration technology, Industrial chemicals supply, hygiene and water risk analysis for hospitality and healthcare industries with the use of legionella rapid detection.

Adeptal Limited assures the capability of its unique systems and products that integrate the best of technologies from global organizations such as C.C. Jenson -Denmark, Tech-Solutions - Denmark, Thermax Limited -Indian, and Hydrosense Limited -Scotland, to offer unparalleled solutions with after-sales support to all customers. Adeptal Limited has championed and delivered arrays of projects in various economic sectors in manufacturing Industries, households, mining, construction, cement Industry, power plants, and maritime companies in Nigeria.


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Why Choose Us?

Customer Focus: We focus on offering best possible efficient solutions and services to our partner.

Value Driven: We ensure our clients get the best out of products and services through follow-up, provision of expert technical information on innovations and developments

Expertise & Technical Services: Our highly skilled dynamic Technical team with process auditor works with customers to develop tailor-made solutions to a specific request for cost-efficient and improved quality.

Research: At ADEPTAL, we never rest on our oars, we always look for a better and improved way of doing things. We observe, we research, we put to consistent trials and we standardize

Quality & Reliability: We are trustworthy, approachable, and easy to work with.

Innovation: We implements today’s solution and focus on solutions for the future.



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Our Vision

To be a strong, respectable and influential player in all our areas of operation by growing values of our stakeholders.



To promote a culture of technological prowess with a clear business intervention focused at providing irrepressible solutions to our customer through highly skilled resourceful work force in a sustainable manner that uphold safety of life and asset.





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Certified by: Institute of Oil & Gas Research & Hydrocarbon Studies (IOGRHS)

Award Category: Innovation award of excellence in Petroleum products, environmental consulting, industrial cleaning agents production, janitorial supplies, onshore and offshore safety Management.


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